Owen taunts Fernandes for seeking a ban from visiting the Reds.

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Michael Owen, former England striker talks about Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United midfielder, receiving a yellow card again in the 0-3 home defeat to Bournemouth. So that will be banned from visiting Liverpool.

The “Red Devils” ended the game with a crushing loss. Even though they had previously shown an impressive performance by defeating Chelsea. While Bruno received a yellow card again because he did not agree with the referee’s decision. The end It turned out that he had accumulated 5 yellow cards. And would be banned in the next game when the team had to visit Liverpool at Anfield UFABET

Owen criticized Fernandes yellow card saying that many times it happened unnecessarily. and quipped that he probably wanted to be banned so that he wouldn’t have to visit the “Reds” who are in strong form leading the table at the moment.

“I wonder how many yellow cards he’s gotten for disagreeing with the decision and waving his arms around like that,” Owen said. “Maybe you don’t want to go to Anfield, I don’t. Likewise. I’m not sure you can think about the next game when you’re in a bad situation.”

“He should be more responsible. He should be a good negotiator, a leader. We all know that the referee is controlling that. And he received an undeserved yellow card for a player who barely tackled. There’s too much.”