‘Pep Guardiola’ admits the game with the Toffees has never easy

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola admits that meeting Everton is never an easy task for them, with Sean Dyche’s men playing solid defense. Visiting the Etihad Stadium for more than 70 minutes before Erling Haaland scored two goals late in the game.

It was City’s 10th successive triumph in all competitions and Guardiola said the manner of the win would stand them in good stead as they chase a repeat treble.

“What pleased me the most is something the people cannot see – the body shape, the positivity, the body language.

“In the first half we were complaining. I know a 12.30 (kick-off) is more difficult but our body language was not good. The chemistry between the players, when they lose a ball or something is not going well, has to be better.

“Last season we actually won three championships. But we couldn’t beat them. In the Ronald Koeman era, I never beat them. Like Frank Lampard, we can only draw here. They are a team that always gives us problems. We know and have talked about that.” http://ufabet999.app

“If we play today at 8 p.m., there will be no problem. But if it’s half past noon We definitely have problems.”

“But it depends on how positive your attitude and body language is? We talked about it a lot over the last few days.

“That’s why I like to win games like this because we learn the lessons that come with it.”